Measurements, including sample hardness and elastic modulus

This device takes measurements, including sample hardness and elastic modulus, by pressing an indenter against the sample and measuring the relationship between its displacement and the load. In principle, this device is the same as the Vickers hardness tester. However, given the applied force is extremely small, between a few 10 to several hundred mgs, the impact from pressing the indenter against the sample is not deep, therefore it is possible to measure the mechanical properties only for the film of the micron order thickness. This device can perform automated multi-point measurements for statistical processing to offset large variations, which is a disadvantage of the device.

Department Research and Development Directorate
Manufacturer, type Elionix, ENT-1100
Indentation load 0.01-100gf
Indenter displacement Measurement range: 20 μm
Measurement resolution capability: 0.3 nm
Sample table movement XY direction: 50 mm
Z direction: 5 mm
Analyzable sample less than φ50 mm, thickness of less than 10 mm
Fees 3,128 yen/month

*The usage fee is calculated each fiscal year. In addition, prices may be revised without notice midway through the fiscal year. Inquire using the form below for details.