(English) Moving beyond limitations of the prior electronics art and providing additional benefits


ADDNICS Corp. (ADDNICS) was founded in March 1998, as an advanced electronics company, mainly for research, development and manufacturing of wireless communication devices.
In 1999, the first business was made with former JAXA to supply radio transmitters for aurora observation rockets (ADDNICS products reached to the space for the first time).
In 2005, ADDNICS S-band telemetry transmitter (STX) and S-band command receiver (SRX) were applied for Aurora observation satellite “Reimei” of JAXA (still functioning at 650km orbit).
In 2009, Tohoku University “Sprite” satellite was launched with ADDNICS STX (0.1W RF Power, 100kbps, 95X50X20mm, 140g).
In 2014, total 6 satellites were launched with ADDNICS communication systems, including X-band transponder for deep space (served for “Procyon”).
In 2016 and 2018, Philippine 50kg satellites, DIWATA-1 & 2 employed ADDNICS SRX, URX, STX & XTX, as well as corresponding communication systems for the ground stations.


ADDNICS is developing telemetry receiver / demodulators and command signal generators for micro, nano and cube satellites for research institutes. We also develop communication devices for UAV.
ADDNICS is developing micro-telemeter transmitters for rocket mounting, with many heritages.
ADDNICS is developing micro satellite communication devices, with many heritages.


A88 S-band Receiver

A88 S-band Receiver
2050-2100MHz, PCM-PSK-PM, 4kbps
80 X 80 X 16mm / 130g

A88 S-band Transmitter

A88 S-band Transmitter
2250-2300MHz, RF Power 0.5W,
BPSK, 2Mbps
80 X 80 X 15mm / 120g

A88 Ku-band Transmitter

A88 Ku-band Transmitter
13.25-13.65GHz, RF Power 0.2W
80 X 80 X 50mm 480g

A64/74 S-band/UHF Transmitter

A64/74 S-band/UHF Transmitter
430-440MHz, / 2250-2300MHz ,RF Power 0.5W
60 X 38 X 10.5mm (Board)
70 X 40 X 14mm (Case)

S/X-band Ground Station

S/X-band Ground Station
Command Signal Generator
Telemetry Receiver – Demodulator
Data Receiver – Demodulator

A88 X-band Transmitter

A88 X-band Transmitter
8025-8500MHz, RF Power1W
80 X 80 X 50mm 490g

Main Clients

JAXA, University of Tokyo, Tohoku University, KyuTech

(English) ADDNICS Corp.

(English) HQ Location (English) Tokyo Japan
(English) (Export Distributor) (English) (HTL Co. Japan Ltd.)
(English) Year of Establishment (English) 1998
(English) Main products (English) Space RF Communication Systems for Micro/Nano/Cube Satellites, as well as for Launch vehicles.
(English) Company Website (English) http://addnics.co.jp/english-information
(English) Point of Contact (English) Mr. Kaname KOJIMA kojima@addnics.co.jp
(HTL: Mr. Masashi TSUTSUI m.tsutsui@htlco.co.jp)