JAXA's Industrial Promotion Programs

Japan's space development and its application has not only enhanced its technological level through research and development,
but also been striving to maximize its utilization in various measures to improve quality of life,
to establish a safer and more secure society,
to mitigate global environmental issues,
and to vitalize the Japan's space industry.
JAXA's various industrial collaboration programs support business activities
that strives to create new value through new technologies and unique ideas.



    A collaborative system through the invitation of public participation that aims at promoting the expansion of the aerospace field by achieving innovation that has some social and industrial impact with the participation of domestic private companies and universities. In JAXA Open Laboratory, joint research is conducted by JAXA researchers / engineers and public firms with business idea. (In Japanese)


    IP Licensing

    JAXA has accumulated a large volume of intellectual property through various projects such as fundamental aerospace research and development, space science, and the development of large-scale rockets (such as H-IIA launch vehicle), satellites and the International Space Station. (In Japanese)


    JAXA Facility Utilization

    JAXA's experiment facilities and other equipments are available for a fee to anyone involved in research and development for academicresearch or scientific innovation in private companies, universities, research institutes, or other organizations. By enabling the private sectors to use these facilities, we hope to contribute to enhancing Japan's competitiveness in various industries. (In Japanese)


    Small Satellite Launch Opportunity

    There is nobetter way to work on space development than doing it real outer space. JAXA provides Small Satellite Launch opportunity to academia, researchers, engineers to deploy small satellite(s) for the purpose of human resource development and/or technical demonstration. Small satellite(s) could be deployed from H-IIA rocket and Japanese Experiment Module(JEM). (In Japanese)

  • KIBO

    Kibo Utilization amd Japanese Space food

    At the International Space Station (ISS) flying 400 kilometers above the Earth, astronauts reside and perform various scientific experiments. The Japanese Experiment Module “Kibo” has a special feature of the Exposed Facility, where an experiment can be conducted outside the ISS (= an experiment instrument is exposed to the space environment), in addition to the inside facility. JAXA provides "Kibo UItilization" and "Japanese Space Food", and they are open to anyone who want to engage in R&D activity under the space environment. (In Japanese)