Why don’t you utilize the unique environment in space, which cannot be attained here on Earth, for your business operations?

ISS is a huge, manned facility that was constructed and flies approximately 400 kilometers above Earth.
The Japanese Experiment Module “Kibo” is a lab where astronauts can carry out activities and a platform for outboard experiments that are exposed to the environment in space.

Utilization of Kibo

JAXA, through various experiments conducted at the Japanese Experiment Module Kibo on the ISS, has accumulated advanced technology and knowledge necessary for space experiments.
You can use this technology and knowledge to solve the issues you have. We will support activities that contribute to our lives on Earth.

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What is the Kibo experimental module?

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Japanese space food

Japanese space food is food proposed by food manufacturers and which has been evaluated by JAXA. It is certified as Japanese space food if it satisfied the standards of space food. We will provide an overview of Japanese space food and introduce certification standards, certification procedures and other information.