Use of shared facilities

Various methods of use are possible for testing facilities used in the development of aerospace technologies.

A program has been put into place to promote the shared use of testing facilities and equipment possessed by JAXA, and are being widely used by non-JAXA parties for a fee (“facility utilization program”).
JAXA aims to contribute to the strengthening of the competitiveness of Japan’s industries by allowing the use of large-scale testing facilities by private-sector companies, which are difficult to install.
*This program does not apply in cases of use via a consignment contract with JAXA, use in joint research with JAXA researchers or use in accordance with a joint use system with a university.
*The operations and use of environmental testing facilities at the Tsukuba Space Center has been transferred to Advanced Engineering Services Co., Ltd. based on a contract to “expand the operations and use of environmental testing facilities.”
For inquiries about the environmental testing facilities at the Tsukuba Space Center contact the address below.
For inquiries about the Advanced Facility for Space Exploration at the Sagamihara Campus, please contact the following.
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Usage guide

01. Individuals/organization allowed to use these facilities

In addition to individuals/organizations related to the fields of space and air, private-sector companies, universities, research institutes and other entities that carry out general academic research, and research and development associated with science and technology can also utilize JAXA facilities.

02. Application for use

JAXA implements “regular user recruitment” twice a year based on its facility utilization program. (Deadlines are in early February and early September each year.) Based on the results of “regular user recruitment” and taking into account JAXA’s internal facility utilization plan, JAXA establishes or revises its annual utilization plans for its various facilities. In light of this, individuals/organizations that desire to use our facilities should, as best as possible, submit their application during the application period for “regular user recruitment.”
However, even after the regular recruitment period has passed, only those applications will be accepted to utilize facilities with openings in the utilization schedule, and applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve base as needed.

03. Application method (in the case of routine applications)

Refer to the regular recruitment page to confirm what facilities are available for regular recruitment.
Individuals/organizations that wish to use the facilities should fill out an application after confirming the application requirements for each division and department in compliance with the guidelines.

04. Application method (in the case of irregular applications)

1. Send the name of the facility that is a candidate for utilization, desired test details, desired use date, requests and details of consultations using the contact form.
In the event that the individual/organization does not know what facility is candidate for utilization, send in requests and details of consultations using the contact form to the New Business Promotion Department.
2. The person in charge will get back to you.
3. Should the applicant be deemed a potential candidate as a result of coordinating with the person in charge, fill in the required items in the following user application form for facility utilization (also fill in the format for the test outline description in the case of applying to use the wind tunnel test facility), and send the filled out form to the address designated by the person in charge.

05. Flow for general usage

06. Precautions

・For consultations, contact us no later than one month prior to your desired use date, allowing for enough time in your schedule.
・In the event an urgent or prompt response is necessary, including the emergency repair of facilities, etc. or to conduct a survey to address an aircraft accident, in certain cases we make request a change in schedule.
・In most cases, normal procedures will be carried out for defense-related testing. However, there are certain cases in which you will be required to separately submit documents that state the purpose of the testing. In this case, a certain amount of time will likely be necessary to carry out these procedures so contact us as soon as possible.
・As of April 1, 2015, usage fees have been revised. Note that technical fees have been introduced.

07. Method for finalizing a contract

An agreement for the use of facilities is to be reached by signing a contract, or by issuing a letter of authorization for facility usage that stipulates the compliance with the general terms and conditions for use. In the event the contract amount is less than 10 million yen, it is possible to reach an agreement via a letter of authorization for facility usage as a stipulation for compliance to the general terms and conditions for use. In the event the contract amount exceeds 10 million yen or should the user or JAXA desires to do so, an agreement will be reached using a written contract.
See the following links (URLs) regarding the general terms and conditions for use and the details of a standard contract used in an ordinary contract.

Feel free to inquire using the contact form if you plan to open up a new stage of business in space.

List of facilities

  • Wind tunnel
  • Supercomputer
  • Composite structure
  • Structural materials
  • Propulsion system
  • Flight simulator
  • Space environment
  • Space exploration

06. Supercomputer

13. Space exploration

Frequently asked questions

01 Program overall

  • Are there any conditions, such as qualifications for usage?

    In accordance with the Act on the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, National Research and Development Agency, organizations that qualify to use JAXA facilities and equipment are as follows: (1) organizations that conduct academic research, (2) organizations that conduct research and development related to science and technology, (3) organizations that carry out space exploration, and (4) organizations that utilize space. That said, in principle we do not allow private individuals to utilize our facilities.
  • Can my organization utilize the facilities even though it is not related to the field of aerospace?

    Private-sector companies, universities, research institutes and other organizations conducting research and development related to academic research and science and technology can utilize our facilities even though they are not engaged in the research and development of rockets and satellites, etc. The industry does not necessarily have to be in the field of aerospace.
  • Can overseas organizations and groups also utilize JAXA facilities?

    Overseas companies, universities and research institutes can also utilize our facilities. However, interested parties should contact JAXA as soon as possible as the application procedures and fees for usage differ for overseas entities.
  • What type of test facilities are available?

    Some of our facilities and equipment, including rocket launch facilities, are not suitable for use by an unspecified number of people due to safety management issues. In light of this, we have selected and are posting facilities that we believe are suitable for use by the general public. Please inquire in the event your organization desires to utilize facilities that have not been posted to this website.
  • Can we also request the operation of test facilities?

    This depends on the facilities your organization plans to use. There are three cases depending on the characteristics of each facility: operations are conducted by JAXA or a contracted operator, operations are conducted by the user, and the user can select who conducts operations. However, given that the majority of facilities are specialized and large scale, most operations are conducted by JAXA or a contracted operator. To see which case the facility you wish to use corresponds to, press the "Inquiry/Reservation" button on the page for details on said facilities.
  • Is it possible to outsource the analysis and evaluation of test results?

    Under the facility utilization program, analysis and evaluation is not being implemented. However, there are cases where we can undertake operations as contracted research.
  • Are the facilities available for loan?

    In general, under the facility utilization program, we do not loan out facilities but in some cases there is a system available for loaning out equipment. Contact the department that manages the facilities/equipment you wish to rent.

02 Application related

  • Is it necessary to submit an application in cases where use is in accordance with joint research or service agreement?

    The use of facilities in accordance with a contract with JAXA, including joint research and service agreements, will require separate procedures with the facility utilization program. Inquire with the research partner at JAXA or the department that placed the order for the service agreement.
  • It is necessary to submit an application even for joint use by universities?

    Procedures for the utilization of facilities based on joint use by universities differs from the facility utilization program. Direct inquiries to the joint research partner in JAXA or the section in charge of joint utilization at the ISAS Promotion of Space Science (TEL: 042-759-8019).
  • What is “regular recruitment” and “irregular recruitment”?

    "Regular recruitment" is implemented twice a year (early February and early September) for the purpose of systematic facility usage.

    The results of "regular recruitment" during winter are reflected in the annual facility utilization plan for the following fiscal year.

    "Regular recruitment" in the summer is additional recruitment for facilities that have openings in their usage schedules. The results are reflected in the usage schedule for the second half.

    In addition, outside of the "regular recruitment" period, we accept consultations on usage as a part of "irregular recruitment."

    However, in the case of "irregular recruitment," as a general rule we will accept applications on a first-come, first-serve basis. In light of this, applicants can only use desired facilities when there are openings in the usage schedule.

    In some cases, the schedule may be completely filled during "regular recruitment" in the winter period, therefore if you plan to use the facility, contact us as soon as possible by clicking the "Inquiry / Reservation" button on the detail page for the respective facility.

  • Where is the application desk?

    The general information desk for the facility utilization program is as follows.

    Inquiry desk, Business Development and Industrial Relations Department, JAXA Ochanomizu Sola City, 4-6 Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-8008

  • How far ahead can I apply for facility utilization?

    During ”irregular recruitment” you can apply for usage in said fiscal year.

    During winter "regular recruitment," we will accept applications for the following fiscal year and during summer "regular recruitment," we take applications for said fiscal year. However, depending on the characteristics of the facilities, there is a possibility you will be able to make a reservation for the period up to early spring of the following fiscal year. In this case, the regular recruitment information will indicate what facilities are available to be reserved.

  • What happens when the usage period overlaps with that of another user or JAXA?

    We will coordinate our schedule after application but before finalization of the contract. In the event of a schedule overlap with another user, in principle, priority is given to JAXA’s businesses, as specified in the implementation plan outlined in its medium-term business plan. However, we will also take into account individual circumstances to make a comprehensive decision.

    In case of emergency repairs to facilities or an emergency, such as handling an aircraft accident investigation, we make request a change in schedule.

  • I do not know where the facility is that my organization wants to use?

    First of all, let’s look at the list of facilities.

    Go to the detail page for each facility by clicking on the name of the facility that is a candidate for use, and check the specifications for the facility.

03 Contract related

  • What methods are there for creating a contract?

    In principle, a contract is to be finalized after coordinating the details of the test in advance. If necessary, it is also possible to create a unit price contract (only the unit price for facility usage is specified in the contract and payment is made based on the actual quantity of usage). At the time of coordinating the contract after the submission of an application, the contract method is decided after mutual discussions are carried out.

    In addition, there are two contract methods, one using a written contract and the other using a letter of authorization for facility usage that stipulates the compliance with the general terms and conditions for use.

  • What is the difference between using a contract and using a letter of authorization for facility usage?

    If the contract amount is 10 million yen or more, or if the user or JAXA desires to do so, an agreement will be reached using a written contract. If the contract amount is less than 10 million yen, it is possible to reach an agreement using a letter of authorization for facility usage as a stipulation for compliance to the general terms and conditions for use.

    In the event a letter of authorization for facility usage is employed, confirm the general terms and conditions for use listed on our website beforehand, and indicate you understand these terms and conditions when you submit an application for use.

  • How much does this cost?

    The usage fee (unit price) is stated in the page for each facility containing details for said facility.

    Note that the usage fee was revised starting from April 1, 2015. Also a new technical fee was introduced.

  • What payment methods are available?

    JAXA will sent you a bill after the test is completed. Wire the amount stated in the bill sent to you to the specified account.

  • What will happen in the event of a change in my schedule?

    As long as there is no obstacle with other people’s schedule, we will handle the change in your schedule. Feel free to consult with us about our schedule changes.

    Not that should you cancel or terminate use after entering a contract, you will be responsible for shouldering the cost of preparations carried out by JAXA.

04 Other

  • Where are the facilities?

    Facilities are located at respective JAXA sites. The list of facilities shows where each facility is located. The location and place where they are installed is also available on the page that explains details of each facility.

    Access to each site is shown here.