In April 2021, the "Act on Activation of the Creation of Science and Technology Innovation” was revised.
In tandem with this and in accordance with Article 34 of the above Act,
it is possible to make investments mainly in business operators that use the results related to the research and development of JAXA, and to conduct operations for human and technical assistance.

The significance of JAXA’s engagement in investment and in human and technical assistance (hereinafter “investment”) is as follows. The use of investments are one method for JAXA industry promotional measures.

  1. JAXA investments promote the use and commercialization of JAXA R&D achievements by private-sector companies and contribute to the realization of the maximization and social implementation of these R&D achievements.
  2. JAXA investments also promote open innovations to build a space industry ecosystem and rally with companies in other industries, and to contribute to maintaining and strengthening of industrial competitiveness in Japan and of an industry, science and technology infrastructure.

Factoring in the above, the JAXA Business Development and Industrial Relations Department is undertaking operations, including investments.

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