Performance test for jet engines under high altitude conditions

This facility handles altitude tests which is a jet engine operational test performed under high altitude conditions. In the test chamber, a decompression (low air pressure) environment of up to around 25 kPa can be maintained by installing a blower in the back stream. The blower can blow air at up to around 20 kg/s. The engine intake, which is the sample, can control pressure in a low air pressure environment from 0.6 MPa, and the temperature can be heated up to 150°C owing to the intake heater. In addition, a small air cooler is installed on the side of the sample intake. It is also possible to introduce a maximum heat drop of -60°C for an airflow rate of up to 1 kg/s into the sample intake. This facility is able to continually conduct operational tests on engines.

Department Aviation Technology Directorate
Test chamber Size Diameter: approx. 2.5 m; Length: approx. 5.5 m
Inlet airflow volume: Up to around 20 kg/s when converted into air
Pressure range: 25 kPa to atmospheric pressure
Sample inlet Heating temperature: From room temperature up to 150°C
Cooling temperature: Maximum of -60°C (up to 1 kg/s) versus the air supply unit exit temperature
Pressure: 0 to 0.7 MPa (However, around 10 kg/s on the pressurized side)
Year of completion FY 2000
Fees 80,282yen/hour(usage of only exhaust fans) (Current as of April 1, 2023)
28,099yen/hour(usage of only the heaters) (Current as of April 1, 2023)
5,019yen/hour(usage of only one refrigetator) (Current as of April 1, 2023)

*The usage fee above includes the general management fee.
*The usage fee above does not include technical fees and consumption tax. These fees will be charged separately.
*The usage fee above does not include required support fees, such as for operations. These fees will be charged separately depending mainly on the test details.
*Usage fees may be incurred even on days when ventilation is not conducted, and only preparations/dismantling is implemented.
*The usage fee is calculated each fiscal year. In addition, prices may be revised without notice midway through the fiscal year. Inquire using the form below for details.