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Since 2009, CEO Lena Okajima has been embarking on the idea of creating man-made shooting stars for entertainment and scientific purposes. She tested some materials and found out they could become very bright when heated up. As the ‘New Space’ trend blossomed, she realized it was possible to design and manufacture small satellites that could carry these particles. Therefore, she founded the Japanese space company, ALE Co., Ltd in 2011.

In 2017, ALE was selected by JAXA’s Innovative Satellite Technology Demonstration competitive program and the first satellite was launched by Epsilon-4 of JAXA in January 2019. The second satellite was subsequently launched by Electron of Rocket Lab in December 2019. In 2020, ALE aims to demonstrate the world’s first man-made shooting stars.

ALE has been tackling the problem of space debris by developing a device using a conductive tether (Electro Dynamic Tether, EDT) through a partnership with JAXA since 2019.


Space is filled with immeasurable amounts of scientific knowledge that can help humanity maintain sustainable life on earth. With its mesmerizing beauty and infinite possibilities, space inspires human curiosity.

At ALE, we aim to create a place for people to enjoy the beauty and the possibilities of space in order to entice human curiosity and accelerate space development.

Furthermore, as our first step, we aspire to use the data we’ve collected from space to tackle climate change here on Earth.

With the effective use of both, we strive to contribute to the sustainable development of humankind.

    ・Space Entertainment (Sky Canvas)
    ・Data Service
    ・Small Satellite Research and Development


Man-made shooting star

Man-made shooting star
ALE aims to present the world’s first man-made shooting stars to the public in 2020.

Main Clients

  • Municipalities, entertainment industries, media and advertising industries
    (e.g. governments, theme parks, sport associations, advertising agencies, etc.).
  • Research institutions, agencies, and companies that need middle atmosphere data.
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