Ocean is now open for Space access


Astrocean provides sea launch service to various sized rockets. At the beginning, Astroceanhas founded to improve future shortage of spaceport.

The small satellite launch market will grow to 13 trillion yen by 2030, but there is a supply shortage of six trillion yen. Although rapid progress is underway for small-sized rocket development, there are not enough launch facilities to keep up. In order to improve the shortage, Astrocean will provide offshore space port on the ocean where less activities are around compare to onshore.

The idea has got Grand prize and sponsor prize at S-booster 2018 which is the biggest space business contest in Japan and held by Japan’s National Space Policy Secretariat, JAXA and private industries.

Astroceanhas achieved Japan’s first sea launch on 2ndMarch 2019 with Chiba institute of Technology as a joint research.


Providing sea launch service to hybrid rockets and model rockets in Japan. Clients are mainly universities, amateur rocketeers and private companies who wish to launch low-apogee, approx. below 10km, rockets for the purpose of component test.


Low-apogee rocket sea launch

Low-apogee rocket sea launch
Approx below 10km
Clients: Universities, amateur
rocketeers and private companies

Main Clients

TBA (Universities, amateur rocketeers and industrial rocketeers)


HQ Location Tokyo Japan
Overseas Offices NA
Year of Establishment November 2018
Main Products Hybrid Rocket Sea launch, Sub-orbital & Orbital Rocket Sea launch
Company Website https://astrocean.jp
Point of contact Takuma Mori, takuma.mori@astrocean.jp