Space optics for finding our treasures


Genesia has developed more than 30 optical instruments on small/medium/large size of satellites and sounding rockets in 20 years. We are proud that all the instruments, as bus components and/or mission components, have operated normally and properly on orbit. Based on our achievements of maintaining high performances against temperature fluctuation, vibration, shock, vacuum and radiation, we have recently expanded applications of optical instruments from aerospace equipment to others, for example, high energy plants(nuclear fusion reactor).


Development & mass production of :

  • Optical(UV/VIS/IR) systems for aerospace equipment, high-energy plants, and other applications.
  • Hyperspectral imagers utilizing LCTF(Liquid Crystal Tunable Filter) especially. Our strong merits are
    • its wide wavelength band (from 0.4μm to 2.5μm by a single LCTF) as the world’s leading.
    • Wide FOV with fast F number thanks to optical design based on our patented technology acquired in Japan & USA.


Space telescope

Space telescope with a diameter of up to 200 mm in diameter. Spectroscopic units of various types,
especially LCTF(Liquid Crystal TunableFilter) unit,can be mounted as options.

For example, the hyperspectral imager with a LCTF unit(the photo above) is the only space-qualified instrument in the world that satisfies both
-GSD is 5m from 650km above
-Number of wavelength bands ≧300

Wide-angle & hyperspectral imager

Wide-angle & hyperspectral imager with LCTF

This hyperspectral imager (the photo above) that can be installed on drones & UAVs is the only instrument in the world that satisfies both
-FOV is 90°(full width, diagonal)
-F# is 2.5
-Spectral range is from 0.4μm to 1.6μm by this single unit
-Spectral characteristics do not depend on the viewing direction

Main Clients

JAXA, NAOJ, QST and other national research institutes.
Universities & Colleges in Japan and other countries.


HQ Location Mitaka city in Tokyo, Japan
Overseas Offices (None)
Year of Establishment 1996
Main Products Optical(UV/VIS/IR) systems , hyperspectral imagers for aerospace equipment and high-energy plants.
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