Robotics Startup for Space Development


Founded in July of 2016, GITAI Inc. develops telepresence robots specifically for space applications.


Skilled in the integration of robot systems as a whole, GITAI develops every element that comprises a robot including the hardware, software, and OS. GITAI is looking for partners that are interested in applying our technologies on their space systems. Please drop by our website to have a look at our technology.



RaaS (Robotics as a Service)
Purchase the services that can be provided by our robots. Specifically for space applications.

Robotic Arms for Space Applications

Robotic Arms for Space Applications
GITAI can provide robotic arms specifically suited for your space system.

Main Clients

Space station / payload providers; OOS satellite providers; lunar exploration entities; etc.


HQ Location Tokyo, JAPAN
Overseas Offices (USA) San Francisco, CA
Year of Establishment July, 2016
Main Products •RaaS (Robotics as a Service) provided by telepresence robots, specifically for space applications
•Robotic arms for space applications including OOS(On-Orbit Servicing) satellites, lunar explorers, etc.
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