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HAPSMobile Inc. is a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp. formed in December 2017 to plan and operate a high-altitude platform system (HAPS) business with the aim of bridging the world’s digital divide.

HAPSMobile successfully completed multiple low-altitude test flights in 2019 for its solar-powered unmanned aircraft system (UAS) designed for stratospheric communications at the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) in California. The UAS is designed to serve as a stratospheric telecommunications platform system for delivering next-generation global connectivity.


HAPS refers to systems where unmanned objects such as aircraft flying in the stratosphere can be operated like telecommunication base stations to deliver connectivity across wide areas.

HAPSMobile Inc. is mainly engaged in network equipment research and development for the HAPS business, construction of core networks, new business planning and activities for spectrum usage.



The unmanned aircraft system for the stratospheric telecommunications platform, measures approximately 78 meters long.
Powered by solar panels on its wings that house 10 propellers, it can fly at speeds of approximately 110 kilometers per hour on average.

GCS(Ground Control Station)

GCS(Ground Control Station)
Equipment for maneuvering unmanned aircraft from the ground.

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HAPSMobile Inc

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Year of Establishment December 21, 2017
Main products Research, development, operation and management of solar HAPS and network devices Core network building, management and operation Acquisition of frequency for solar HAPS Business development using solar HAPS
Company Website https://www.hapsmobile.com/en/
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