Looking Ahead to Future Progress


Since our first steps in research on rocket projectiles in 1953, IHI Aerospace (IA) has always been looking ahead to future progress. Cooperating with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to develop and manufacture various types of observational rockets, we have contributed to the launch of many scientific satellites.

In 2013, our efforts resulted in the successful launch of the Epsilon Rocket prototype, a next-generation solid rocket which inherited the technologies of all the aforementioned rockets.

As a leading comprehensive manufacturer carrying out the development and manufacturing of rocket projectiles in Japan, we are looking to enhance research and development activities to prepare for the coming space utilization age.


IHI Aerospace (IA) is carrying out the development, manufacturing, and sales of rocket projectiles, and has been contributing in a big way to the singular space development in Japan.
Driven by our philosophy based on ‘originality,’ ‘innovation,’ and ‘harmony with society,’ we are working hard to contribute to realizing human beings’ dreams and social development with rocket related technologies. We act creatively and nimbly to delivering outstanding value to our customers, inspiration and satisfied smiles to the world.


Solid Propulsion System

Solid Propulsion System
Study has been made in a wide range of propulsion systems, solid, ducted and hybrid rockets.

Epsilon Launch Vehicle

Epsilon Launch Vehicle
The Epsilon Rocket is a next-generation solid rocket that can be used to efficiently launch small satellites.

H-IIA and H-IIB launch vehicles

H-IIA and H-IIB launch vehicles
Our technology contributes to the solid rocket booster (SRB-A), gas jet system on the second stage, pyrotechnics, etc. in these launch vehicles.

Space Station Supply Vehicle

Space Station Supply Vehicle “Kounotori”
We are in charge of the propulsion system that will be used to change the orbit and attitude of the H-II Transfer Vehicle.

Space Environment Utilization

Space Environment Utilization
We develop equipment for the micro-gravity environment in particular, which needs high level technology.

Re-entry Systems

Re-entry Systems
We designed and manufactured the re-entry capsule which has safely delivered samples from the asteroid Itokawa to Earth.

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HQ Location Tokyo, Japan
Year of Establishment 2000
Main products Design, development, production, and sales of space equipment systems, defense rocket systems and other aerospace related products, etc.
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