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ispace is a private lunar exploration company with a vision to extend human presence beyond Earth. The company has offices in Japan (HQ), Europe (Luxembourg) and the United States, and has signed partnerships with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the Government of Luxembourg. ispace raised nearly $95 million (USD) in Series A funding—the largest on record in Japan and among the largest in the global space industry. ispace also managed Team HAKUTO, one of the 5 finalists in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition.


To construct a sustainable Earth and Moon ecosystem implementing space resources:
・Marketing Support for Space Content Industries
・Sale and Survey of Moon Surface Data
・High Frequency Lunar Transport
・Payload Development for Lunar Orbiting and Landing
・R&D for Space Resource Development


Caulking Mesh type

1.Payload Delivery
We will deliver payloads, or cargo shipments, to the Moon on our landers and rovers.

Flange type

2.Data Collection
Using our rovers, we will provide valuable scientific data about lunar environment for space and non-space customers.

Welding type

We offer opportunities for technology and R&D collaboration, as well as marketing and promotion.

Main Clients

Government Space Agencies, Research Institutions, Private Companies, etc.
The main customers for ispace, in the near term, include government space agencies, research institutions, and aerospace organizations, as well as private companies who use the company’s lunar missions for technological innovation and R&D and the delivery of goods and supplies to the lunar surface. In the longer term, ispace aspires to provide a high-frequency delivery service for companies with interests in commercial development on the Moon.

ispace, inc.

HQ Location Tokyo, Japan
Overseas Offices Luxembourg (EU)
NASA Ames Research Center (U.S.)
Year of Establishment 2010
Main Products Lunar Lander & Lunar Rover
Company Website https://ispace-inc.com/
Point of Contact info@ispace-inc.com