Sensing & Communication


  • 1940 Started manufacturing and sales of Radiosondes
  • 1955 March: First horizontal test-launch of “Pencil Rocket”
    September: Delivered telemeter transmission system for “Baby -T rocket”

  • 1969 Participated in the 11th Antarctic Observation Wintering Party and cooperated for the rocket launch at the South Pole
  • 1970 Delivered antenna and diplexer for Japan’s first satellite “OHSUMI”
  • 2007 Delivered 8 instruments inclusive of high definition TV for Lunar explorer “KAGUYA” (SELENE)
  • 2010 “HAYABUSA” finished 7-year journey with “X-Ray Spectrometer”
  • 2012 Entered into a business relationship with IHI Corporation as a IHI Group company.
    Successful Deployment of CubeSat “WE WISH”

  • 2016 Launch of Epsilon 2 and Geospace exploration satellite “ARASE“
  • 2018 Delivered 8 instruments inclusive of MMO/MPO for Mercury explorer “BepiColombo”.
  • 2019 Successful Deployment “DCAM3(Deployable Camera)” and “NIRS3(Near Infrared Spectrometer)” for HAYABUSA2


Based on disaster prevention, environmental measurement, and information technology, meisei strives to offer the best value added solutions for the needs of a world market. Meisei Electric has developed and manufactured more than 3,000 space-related instruments since 1950’s. Meisei Electric can provide all kinds of satellite components, such as “Mission Equipment” and “Bus Components”. We are developing CubeSat, Nano Satellites, and Micro Satellites as well.



High-Speed X Band Transmitter MTX540X:64APSK technology achieves the world’s highest class frequency efficiency for the earth observation downlink.

Outer Space, Rocket & Defense

Outer Space, Rocket & Defense
NIRS3:The Near Infrared Spectrometer on Hayabusa2.

Meteorology, Disaster Prevention

Meteorology, Disaster Prevention
iMS-100 GPS Radiosonde:An upperair sounding instrument to measure various types of meteorological data.


SHIROP(Small and High Resolution
Optical Sensor):A high-resolution
Imaging system for Microsatellites.


WE WISH: At 23:37 on the 4th October, 2012, Meisei Electric’s developed and manufactured CubeSat “WE WISH” was deployed to the Space from the ISS.

Entrusted Environmental Testing

Entrusted Environmental Testing
CoZmpact Space Chamber:Diameter 1.2m
Temp. control range -180 to 200℃

Main Clients

JAXA, Government, Commercial, & University etc


HQ Location 2223 Naganumamachi, Isesaki-shi, Gunma 372-8585, Japan
Overseas Offices Washington DC, London, Paris, Roma, Bangkok, Moscow (Supported by IHI Group)
Year of Establishment 1938
Main Products Outer Space, Rocket & Defense, Entrusted Environmental Testing, Meteorology, Disaster Prevention
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