DATAFLUCT, Inc. is a data business partner that creates new value from untapped data and solves social issues under the vision of "Turning Data into Business." We have an advantage in "multimodal data utilization" that is not bound by data formats, including unstructured data; furthermore, we carry data collection, accumulation, processing, and analysis in a single integrated process.

Summary of products and services

DATAFLUCT's mission is "Turning Data into Business." We deliver data utilization to various industries as a business partner that creates new value from data.
We have an advantage in "multimodal data utilization;" our core business is "AirLake," a data platform that makes possible the use of unstructured data, which makes up a large portion of corporate data.

■About "AirLake"
Utilizing unstructured data in various formats, such as video, images, and audio requires pre-processing and structured conversion by data scientists, which is costly and time-consuming.
AirLake is a cloud-based data platform that allows anyone to convert unstructured data into usable data easily. (

We are also developing our services focusing on global standard issues such as loss reduction through demand forecasting, sustainable urban planning, and behavior modification toward decarbonization. Furthermore, we aim to realize a world where everyone can make sustainable decisions through the effective use of data.

■An "environmental value" distribution platform for all stakeholders, including consumers, to participate in efforts toward carbon neutrality, "becoz" (

■An EBPM platform that supports sustainable urban development, "TOWNEAR" (

■Supply chain management service that provides optimal purchasing and production with a highly accurate automatic demand forecasting system that combines machine learning and external data, "Perswell" (

Company profile

Company name: DATAFLUCT, Inc.
Date of establishment: January 29, 2019
Representative: Hayato Kumemura