Flow Sensing Lab, LLC.

Flow Sensing Lab aims to use the ultrasonic flow measurement technology cultivated in space exploration more broadly and in a more close-knit society. The company engages in contracted research and development of flowmeters with special specifications.

Flow measurement is an essential basic technology for all industries that handle fluids. In general, it is necessary to "make equipment according to the restrictions of the flowmeter." In this business, the company provides optimal solutions for generally difficult uses by "customizing the ultrasonic flowmeter according to the conditions of use."

Summary of products and services

● Contracted research related to flow measurement, technology consulting
● Development of special ultrasonic flowmeters for special flow measurement needs

[Application examples]
● Improve the high accuracy of calibration standards, transaction volume for oil and LNG, process controls at power plants and other plants, etc.
● Flow measurement when a straight pipe cannot be secured upstream or downstream
● Replacement of positive displacement flowmeters (no need to change piping layout, shortening of construction period, minimization of total cost)
● Grasp transitional changes for flow rate, mainly for the evaluation and testing of fluid equipment

Company profile

Company name: Flow Sensing Lab, LLC.
Address: 2-1-6 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0047
Date of establishment: June 22, 2018
Representative: Hiroki Kannan