Based on the concept of "simplifying space exploration," SEEESE Inc. utilizes the same online platform to manage environmental test sites for small/ultra-compact satellites that exist throughout Japan. The company provides a full-line of services starting with consulting on development and environmental testing, and including the search/reservation of test sites, delivery, equipment preparation, test evaluation, and other services. The company aims to lower the obstacles to satellite development by simplifying the complex testing processes that have consumed a large amount of time thus far to create an industry that is conducive to the entry of players from a wide range of industries into the space market. In addition, from the perspective of environmental testing, the company plans to contribute to the realization of a sustainable space economy by increasing the mobility of technology, human resources, and values across industry boundaries.

[Awards received]
The company won the JAXA award at S-Booster 2019, which is sponsored by the Cabinet Office.

Summary of products and services

Provides various services that support space exploration, including a one-stop service for environmental experiments

Company profile

Company name: SEESE K.K.
Address: 2-1-6 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki
Date of establishment: December 2020
Founding member: Kazuhisa Tanada (Representative Director, CEO/JAXA)
Nguyen Tat Trung (COO/JAXA), Nao Li (CFO)