Tenchijin, Inc.

Tenchijin, Inc. provides innovative land appraisal services by using wide-area and high-resolution remote sensing data (weather information, topographical data, etc.) from an Earth observation satellite, an area of expertise for Japan. Tenchijin's land appraisal engine supports speedy decision-making based on objective data in a broad range of fields, including real estate, energy, distribution and travel, as well as primary industries such as agriculture and fishing.
The mission of Tenchijin is to "optimize human civilization activities using information from space." Members with diverse expertise, including new business development, satellite image analysis, Big Data analysis, machine learning, satellite hardware development, are expanding the possibilities for remote sensing.

[Awards received]
• Received the Special Judge’s Prize at the Cabinet Office S-Booster 2018, the ANA Holding award, and the JAL award.
• Selected for the J-TECH STARTUP 2020
First time a Japanese company won an award in the GRAVITY Challenge program.
• Selected for the Orange Fab Asia Fall 2021
Selected as a “Deep Tech Pioneer” by Hello Tomorrow, which chooses promising projects
• Selected for the Japan SDGs Innovation Challenge, sponsored by the UNDP

Summary of products and services

Land appraisal consulting using satellite data

Company profile

Company name: Tenchijin, Inc.
Address: 9th Floor, Sumitomo Real Estate Onarimon Tower, 1-1-1 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment: May 2019
Founding member: Yasuhito Sakuraba (Representative Director), Yasutoshi Hyakusoku (Director/JAXA)
Ayumu Tominaga (Director/tax accountant), Ryo Shigeta (Ph.D./University of Tokyo, researcher)
Taichi Takayama (Ph.D./University of Tokyo, researcher)