TwinCapsula Inc.

JAXA developed the HTV-mounted small re-entry capsule (HSRC) to establish a method for recovering goods from the International Space Station. TwinCapsula Inc. utilized the technology used to develop the “ultra high performance” insulated cold storage container to recover space experiment samples under that maintained the required temperature in the HSRC project. Owing to its compact and high performance features, the container is able to address the cooling and heating needs, which are difficult to satisfy with conventional technology. The company will thereby able to contribute to solving social issues in various fields where sophisticated temperature control is the key.

[Awards received, etc.]
Ibaraki Prefecture, 2020 Creation of Business Innovation Utilizing Next-Generation Technology, Excellent Business Plan (business operator subject to support under this program in 2021)

Summary of products and services

Planning, development, manufacturing, sales, related consulting, etc. associated with insulated hot and cold storage containers and other heat control related equipment

Company profile

Company name: winCapsula Inc.
Address: 2-1-6 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki
Date of establishment: March 2021
Founding member: Kazuhiro Miyazaki (Representative Director, CEO/JAXA)
Ryuta Hatakenaka (Director, CTO/JAXA)