Utilized in research and development, including for supersonic aircraft
Realize uniformity with world-class low airflow turbulence

This wind tunnel is a blowdown-type supersonic tunnel, with a 1 m × 1 m (square) test section (cross section).

The Mach number is set from 1.4 to 4.0 using a two-dimensional variable nozzle of the upstream part of the test section. The range for the Reynolds numbers, which are used to determine the Mach number, is 2 to 6 × 107 (1/m). The maximum airflow duration is around 40 seconds. It is possible to run the test more than eight times a day.

This wind tunnel is used for research and development of aircraft and projectiles that fly at supersonic speeds, research and development of air intakes for engines for crafts that fly at supersonic speed, and for development of rockets and space planes that fly through a supersonic range. The blowdown-type supersonic wind tunnel can realize a relatively high Reynolds number. Conversely, there are also drawbacks, including large airflow turbulence and a major burden on the model when starting and stopping the test.

In fiscal 1999, a complete renovation was conducted of the upper portion of the tunnel and the control system with an aim on improving the wind tunnel function and airflow characteristics. This realizes a high operating rate, owing mainly to the automation of a change in Mach numbers, and uniformity with world-class low turbulence.

Department Aviation Technology Directorate
Specifications Type: Intermittent blowdown type; Same compressor and air storage tank as used with the transonic wind tunnel

Test section measurement: 1 m × 1 m
Duration: 40 seconds
Nozzle: 1.4 to 4.0
Mach number range: 1.4 to 4.0

Stagnation pressure range: 150 kPa (Mach: 1.4) to 1,400 kPa (Mach 4)

Reynolds number: 2 × 107 (Mach 1.4) to 6×107 (Mach 4) (Standard length: 1 m)
Year of completion FY 1961
FY 1993 to FY 1994 (Noise reduction work)
FY 1999 (renew settling chamber, variable nozzle, and control system)
Fees 929,625 yen/day (ventilation days) (Current as of April 1, 2023)
222,938 yen/day (days when ventilation is not conducted, and only preparations/dismantling is implemented) (Current as of April 1, 2023)

*The usage fee above includes the general management fee.
*The usage fee above does not include technical fees, consumption tax and operational fees before and after testing. These fees will be charged separately.
*The usage fee is calculated each fiscal year. In addition, prices may be revised without notice midway through the fiscal year. Inquire using the form below for details.