As a hypersonic wind tunnel, the facility is the world’s largest in scale
Supply highly reliant test data owing to high airflow quality


Department Aviation Technology Directorate
Specifications Type: Blowdown, vacuum suction type
Test section: Free jet type

Nozzle exit diameter: 50 cm (0.5 m wind tunnel)/127 cm (1.27 m wind tunnel)

Mach number: 5, 7, 9 (0.5 m wind tunnel)/10 (1.27 m wind tunnel)

Stagnation pressure range: 1 to 8.5 MPa

Duration: 120 seconds (0.5 m wind tunnel)/60 second (1.27 m wind tunnel)

High-pressure air source: 18 m3 × 2 (alternative use), 19.7 MPa

Vacuum sphere: 2,300 m3 (0.5 m wind tunnel)/4,600 m3 (1.27 m wind tunnel)

Exhaust speed: 6,500 m3/h × 2
Year of completion FY 1965 (0.5 m wind tunnel)
FY 1994 (1.27 m wind tunnel)
Fees 282,000 yen/day (ventilation days) (Current as of April 1, 2023)
222,938 yen/day (days when ventilation is not conducted, and only preparations/dismantling is implemented) (Current as of April 1, 2023)

*The usage fee above includes the general management fee.
*The usage fee above does not include technical fees, consumption tax and operational fees before and after testing. These fees will be charged separately.
*The usage fee is calculated each fiscal year. In addition, prices may be revised without notice midway through the fiscal year. Inquire using the form below for details.