A wind tunnel that produces a high enthalpy airflow
Possible to conduct tests that simulates conditions that mimic re-entry into the atmosphere

Department Aviation Technology Directorate
Specifications Type: Segmented arc-heated wind tunnel
Total enthalpy: up to 30 MJ/kg
Airflow duration: more than 20 minutes
Uses a conical nozzle Mach number: approx. 4.8 (designed value)
Test section: Free jet type
Nozzle exit diameter: 11.5 cm

1. Stagnation point test
 Sample shape: Φ25 mm disk
 Heat flux: Maximum of 2.3 MW/ m2 (flat-head Gardon calorimeter)

2. Wedge model test
Sample shape: 70 mm × 40 mm flat plate
Heat flux: Maximum of 0.26 MW/m2 (Gardon calorimeter)
Uses a channel nozzle Sample shape: 100 mm × 100 mm flat plate
Heat flux: Maximum of 600 MW/m2 (Gardon calorimeter)
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