Non-destructive evaluation of composite structures
Large-scale sample flaw detection is also possible

This equipment was introduced to implement non-destructive evaluations of complex shaped and thick composite structures. Thus far this has been applied to various samples of composites and metals, including testing for rocket and satellite propulsion nozzles, aircraft turbine blades and castings. It is possible to detect flaws for large-scale samples up to a maximum size of φ600 mm× (height) 1200 mm.

Department Aviation Technology Directorate
Specifications and composition Manufacturer: Toshiba Corporation
Pixel dimensions: 600 mmφ× 1200 mm
Document plate dimensions: 150 μm
X-ray tube capacity: 400 kV, 2 mA, fan beam
Number of detectors: 176 channels
Year of completion FY 1991, partial renovations in FY 2001
Fees 40,691 yen/day (Current as of April 1, 2023)

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