Testing gas turbine combustors and other equipment under high pressure conditions
Research mainly of combustion performance, exhaust characteristics, and cooling performance


Department Aviation Technology Directorate
Air supply units Two 720 kW units; motor driven multi-stage centrifugal compressor
Sample section Inlet air pressure: 0.11 to 1 Mpa
Inlet air temperature: 400 to 1,200 K
Inlet airflow volume: 0.4 to 3.6 kg/s
Year of completion FY 1982
Fees 31,309 yen/hour (Current as of April 1, 2023)

*The usage fee above includes the general management fee.
*The usage fee above does not include technical fees and consumption tax. These fees will be charged separately.
*The usage fee above does not include required support fees, such as for operations. These fees will be charged separately depending mainly on the test details.
*The usage fee is calculated each fiscal year. In addition, prices may be revised without notice midway through the fiscal year. Inquire using the form below for details.