World’s largest shock tunnel

This is the world’s largest shock tunnel.

It is possible to conduct a test in a simulated re-entry environment using a 50 cm size model.

Moreover, using a model that measures up to around 2 m, it is possible to conduct tests on combined cycle engines and SCRAM jet engines that are fueled by hydrogen gas.

Department Space Technology Directorate I
Installation location Kakuda Space Center
Test conditions Test airflow stagnation enthalpy: Maximum of 25 MJ/kg
Test airflow stagnation pressure: Maximum of 150 MJ/kg
Test airflow duration: more than 2 milliseconds

Nozzle exit diameter: 1,200 mm

Number of tests: 1.5 times/day
Measurements Data recording system: 250 channels
Maximum sampling frequencies: 1 MHz
Optical measuring device: Schlieren device