Medium-size High Enthalpy Shock Tunnel
Also possible to use as a ballistic range for a small vehicle flight experiment

The facility was established as a pilot high enthalpy shock tunnel. At present, it also is being used as a ballistic range to conduct small vehicle flight experiments.

This facility, when used as a ballistic range, requires no gunpowder when launching a projectile (small-sized flight vehicle model). In light of this, we realized high operability as it is possible to conduct four tests a day.

Operations that do not use gunpowder are also helpful to reduce operational costs and to improve safety.

Department Space Technology Directorate I
Installation location Kakuda Space Center
Ballistic range specifications Secondary air storage tank pressure (MPa): 7.0
Piston weight (kg): 15 to 40

Compression tube length (m) / diameter (mm): 16 / φ210
Compression tube pressure (MPa): 75

Launch tube No. 1 length (m) / diameter (mm): 4.0 m / φ15 mm
Launch tube No. 2 length (m) / diameter (mm): 6.5 m / φ72 mm
Launch tube No. 3 length (m) / diameter (mm): 2.5 m / φ120 mm

Number of tests: 4 times/day

In the case of using a 3 g projectile: Speed of 3 km/s (actual)
In the case of using a 600 g projectile: Speed of 200 m/s (actual)
Shock tunnel specifications Test airflow stagnation enthalpy: Maximum of 25 MJ/kg
Test airflow stagnation pressure: Maximum of 60 MPa

Test airflow duration: more than 2 milliseconds

Nozzle exit diameter: 400 mm

Number of tests: 2 times/day
Year for improving the ballistic range March 1999