Specialist machining company based in the Yamaguchi area of Japan.


We aim to be a “technology and skill transfer company”.
People are capital, people are asset of the company.
Since 1967, we always have kept in mind what the craftsmanship is .
We have contributed to society through the creation of valuable products while refining our technology and personality.
We will continue to build on the trust and achievements we have accumulated so far.
Further striving to improve the technical level and introduce excellent equipment and devices,
We will meet the ever-diversifying needs such as competitive cost, small lot, high quality, and short delivery time.
What we pursue is “people and technology”
Human & technology.


We specialize in the production of precision and elaborate high-tech parts, and in particular, we are engaged in the production of many internal parts for vacuum apparatus.

We have a good reputation for the combined machining of lathe and machining, by combining the know-how cultivated so far as specialist in cutting and the skills created by competing each other.

We cut and machine any materials from aluminum, and copper to difficult-to-cut materials such as Inconel and Hastelloy, and based on our accumulated experience and know-how, we are good at thin, low-rigidity, and difficult-to-shape workpieces.


Thin stainless steel ring(SUS304)

Thin stainless steel ring(SUS304)
Lightweight products using thin-walled.
Precision composite cutting technology.
It is a thin ring of φ 380 × 350 L × t1.
(Circularity 0.1).


Combined 5-axis cutting of airfoil shapes.
It can handle a variety of CAD data.
If the shape cannot be indicated on the drawing,it is possible to measure by tracing.

Welding chamber of the ICF standard flange

Welding chamber of the ICF standard flange
We are also good at processing titanium.
It is the main part to vacuum the inside.

Cover ring(A5052)

Cover ring(A5052)
All finished by machining.
We can cut even thin and complicated shapes.
It is a thin ring of φ 375 × 95 L × t1.5 .

Super invar cutting workpiece

Super invar cutting workpiece
a low thermal expansion alloy
also used for observation equipment;
super invar alloy shaving


The opening width of 39 mm × 317 mm is processed from one side.
Winner of the Skill Award at the 8th Cutting Dream Contest

Main Clients

Tokyo Electron Ltd.
Hitachi High-Tech Corporation
Japanese space related companies


HQ Location Yamaguchi Japan
Overseas Offices nothing
Year of Establishment 1975
Main Products Components for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Components for aerospace applications
Support for R&D about various other
precision machinery parts
Company Website http://www.hibikiseiki.com/english.html
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Point of Contact Akiyama Yosuke, akiyama@hibikiseiki.com