NEC is a multinational provider of ICT and network solutions to business enterprises, communications services providers and government agencies since established in 1899.

NEC is a few companies which have both space technology and ICT. NEC has more than 60 years of expertise in space business, and has been providing wide diversity of space products including various satellite systems as well as optical and radio wave sensors.


We offer solutions of ICT which use data from sensors. NEC contributes to advanced urban development with biometric identification technologies, versatile sensing technologies and analytic technologies that make highprecision forecasting and prediction possible. NEC also leverages sensing technologies and big data analysis technologies to support the advancement of lifelines through ICT.

As the industry makes the shift from space development to space utilization, NEC’s space business is intended to transform itself into an enterprise that provides space solutions. NEC can offer space solutions by fusing space technologies, and ICT and network technologies such as for remote sensing area which is the focus of increasing attention. The NEC space solution aims to provide information services that can provide “any” user with “any” information that need “anytime” and “anywhere” by processing, formatting and storing both observation data acquired from space systems and various kinds of sensor data collected from terrestrial sources.


NEXTAR NX-300L NEC Small Satellite Bus NEXTAR NX-1500L

NEXTAR NX-300L NEC Small Satellite Bus
NEXTAR NX-1500L NEC Medium Satellite Bus


High-quality Ground System Package


Small-sized High-resolution Optical Satellite using NX-300L


Small-sized High-resolution Radar Satellite using NX-300L

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HQ Location Tokyo Japan
Year of Establishment 1899
Main Operations of Space Systems Division Satellite Systems, Satellite Bus Subsystems, Earth Observation Sensors, On-board Antennas, Ground Systems
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