OKI Electric Cable


Oki Electric Cable plays an essential part in the history of telecommunications in Japan. The Meikosha company was founded as the first telecommunication instrument manufacturer in Japan in 1881. The founder’s invention of lacquer-coated wires was followed by enamel wires, which were mass-produced by Meikosha’s electric wire and cable division. Meikosha later changed its name to Oki Company, and then to Oki Electric Co., Ltd. In 1936, the electric wire and cable manufacturing department was spun off, and Oki Electric Cable Co., Ltd. was born.

Since then, Oki Electric Cable has consistently developed leading cable and wire technologies and aims to be a world-class company at the top of three markets for electric cables, flexible printed circuits (FPC), and EDM wires.


Oki Electric Cable offers unique products such as high-flex cables, high- speed interface cables and FPCs. Oki works closely with customers in FA (Factory Automation), Medical and Machine Vision equipment markets to determine their needs and improve and develop products that address those needs. Oki also applies this same approach to many other applications and industries including the aerospace business, where the company’s unique “Long FPC”, 14 meter version, was used in JAXA’s solar power sail demonstration aircraft “IKAROS”.


Long FPC

Long FPC
Extended up to 100 meters. Used in JAXA’s solar power sail demonstration aircraft “IKAROS”.


Offers various movable forms.
For use in various applications requiring high-flexibility and space-savings.

Heat Resistant FPC

Heat Resistant FPC
Functional in 150°C environment in various applications

Stretchable FPC

Stretchable FPC NEW!
Suitable for wearable devices as elastic wiring material

Transparent FPC

Transparent FPC
Suitable to be mounting in more conspicuous locations to meet the recent design needs

High-flex cable

High-flex cable
Suitable for applications or locations where
cables move, slide, bend, twist, and vibrate.

Main Clients

Oki Electric Cable Co., Ltd.

HQ Location Kawasaki, Japan
Overseas Offices Chicago, US and Kunshan, China
Year of Establishment 1936
Main Products Flexible printed circuits (FPC), electric cable, EDM wire
Company Website https://www.okidensen.co.jp/en/(Headquarters)
https://www.okielectriccable.com/(Oki Electric Cable America)
Point of contact Overseas Sales & Marketing