Frontierize Space by Residence


OUTSENSE was established in 2018 by Yozan TAKAHASHI who are interested in space architecture, and studied 3-Dementional Expanded Structure (special ORIGAMI-structure for space architecture) at Tokai univ in Japan. Now it is in R&D phase. The future plan is providing facilities for space-activity on the moon without human by 2025, and constructing moon base by 2030.


OUTSENSE has some patents related with ORIGAMI-structure.

At the current situation, there is no obvious demand for space facilities including residence, so he is going to make ecosystem between ordinary companies for the time to come.

By co-developing products based on the ORIGAMI technology, three benefits will be there. 1st OUTSENSE and ordinary companies will get profit, 2nd technology will be improved and invented, 3rd ground of network for realizing space residence will be created.

When space facilities are required, we will invest space development with venture capitals.



Basic technology invented by SOGAME who is researcher for space architechre at Tokai univ.


Core technology extended from “SOGAME-ORI”. It can be applied to any component


OUTSENSE and ordinary company co-develop product and make ecosystem.


It is product using “SOGAMEORI”. It can make private closed room flexibly

2m scale prototype

“2m scale prototype”
It is conceptual prototype made of aluminum and was exhibited in SXSW2019.

Space facility design

“Space facility design”
OUTSENSE plans its product and project for building space facilities on moon

Main Clients


HQ Location Tokyo Japan
Overseas Offices
Year of Establishment 2018
Main Products Space Facility, Space Residence
Company Website https://outsense.jp/
Point of Contact info@outsense.jp