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(English) Gas Stations in Space™


Orbit Fab operates gas stations in space. It is a venture-backed startup founded in 2018 that has successfully tested its technology on the ISS. It envisions a thriving in-space market for products and services that support both existing space businesses like communications and Earth observation and new industries such as space tourism, manufacturing, and mining. The first step is achieving ubiquitous availability of satellite propellant in Earth Orbit, expanding the operational potential of new and existing space assets and providing unprecedented business model flexibility for satellite owners. In the future, valuable satellites will no longer be thrown away when they run out of fuel. Orbit Fab’s goal is to build the infrastructure that provides fuel and other materials to customers when and where they need it, to enable business models never before thought possible.


Orbit Fab’s business is selling spacecraft propellant in orbit. The company enables this by providing the refueling technology that customers need to refuel their assets on-orbit. The company also builds and deploys the tankers that supply the propellant, and manages the orbital logistics to ensure satellite servicing and client spacecraft can refuel as needed. Orbit Fab is a member of the CONFERS satellite servicing association.


RAFTI Space Coupling Half and Service Valve

RAFTI Space Coupling Half (left) and Service Valve (right)

Orbit Fab provides the components and systems needed for refueling.

The RAFTI fueling port enables spacecraft refueling on-orbit with the Space Coupling Half integrated to satellite servicing vehicles and the Service Valve integrated to client satellites.

Orbit Fab Propellant Tankers deployed in Earth orbit

Orbit Fab Propellant Tankers deployed in Earth orbit

Orbit Fab builds and launches fuel depots and then manages the orbital logistics for a propellant supply chain in space to refuel satellites and spacecraft.

This offers client satellites the ability to refuel whenever and wherever they need to.

Supplying both Chemical and Electric Propellant types

Supplying both Chemical and Electric Propellant types

Orbit Fab is currently accepting orders for Hydrazine, High Test Peroxide, Green Monopropellants, Water, and Nitrogen.

Future availability will include Xenon, Krypton, MMH/NTO, and more.

Main Clients

NASA, USAF, Commercial satellite servicing companies

(English) Orbit Fab

(English) HQ Location (English) San Francisco, CA, USA
(English) Overseas Offices (English) n/a
(English) Year of Establishment (English) 2018
(English) Main Products (English) Spacecraft refueling technology, Spacecraft propellant on-orbit
(English) Company Website (English) https://www.orbitfab.space
(English) Point of Contact (English) Grant Kendall-Bell, grant@orbitfab.space