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Sinfonia Technology was established in 1917as an electrical machinery works of the shipyard. Our first aerospace development was the wind-turbine DC generator in1920 which was the first indigenous model in Japan. During World War II, Sinfonia supplied 85% of the Engine-driven generators for Japanese Army and Navy aircraft. At the same time, we also manufactured a variety of other electric components for aircraft, including electrical contactors, fuel boost pumps, distribution boards, etc. Since then, we have continued R&D and played a major role in airborne electrical equipment in all of the aircraft developed and manufactured in Japan. The manufacturing includes not only License Production from foreign countries but also Indigenous Development. Sinfonia is the largest and the leading company of aircraft-rated electrical generation system in Japan.

Furthermore, Sinfonia has expanded into the space sector. Starting in the development of pump motor in the launch vehicle known as H-1, Sinfonia has developed Actuators and associated controllers which are used for attitude control. In the latest development project for Japanese Space Launch vehicle known as H-III, Sinfonia plays a major role as a supplier. We are not only developing TVC (Thrust Vector Control) System including actuators but also propulsion system controllers and vehicle controllers in this project.


Electrical power generator was the origin of Sinfonia’s activity for airborne electrical systems. Based on the knowledge and experience gained through developing electrical power generators, we have advanced into various electrical power related areas and have become a total solution provider of airborne electrical power system.
Controllers for electrical power generation system evolved into digital architecture which enabled us to be a major player in the digital management system using various digital data-bus, such as Data Mission System, Store Management System etc. Power generator technology also evolved into electrical actuators and winch/hoist systems.
In summary, Sinfonia utilizes these technology and products to support significant numbers of Japanese aircraft, space, ships, underwater vehicles, and ground vehicle applications.


GEO Satellite Platform “DS2000”


Communication Satellite

Generator Systems for Aircraft

Satellite on-board Equipment


Navigation Satellite

Active Mass Dumper for Rover, Satellite

Earth Observation Satellite

Ground Support Equipment

H2A Transfer Vehicle

Air Circulation Fan for THV

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(English) SINFONIA

(English) HQ Location (English) Tokyo, Japan
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(English) Year of Establishment (English) 1949
(English) Main products (English) Servo-actuators for space rockets, Generator Systems for aircraft, Avionics, Winch, Motors&Controllers, GSE
(English) Company Website (English) https://www.sinfo-t.jp/eng/index_a.htm
(English) Point of Contact (English) Ryoko Fujio, fujio-ryoko@sinfo-t.jp