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Intelliwings helps solve problems in global business development, cybersecurity, technology, and intelligence analysis pursuits. Experienced in working with people in and from more than 25 countries, Intelliwings gives clients a greater understanding of how to team with customers and partners from diverse backgrounds to provide products, services, and answers to create success in international projects.
Daniel Vasquez, CEO of Intelliwings, served in the US Air Force for 24 years as an international relations and intelligence analysis director in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and as the Deputy Director of Intelligence for US Air Forces-Japan at Yokota Airbase where he helped lead operations with Japan Air Self Defense Force partners in the 2011 Operation Tomodachi Tohoku earthquake relief mission. He is a former Lieutenant Colonel and the recipient of many awards including the US Air Force’s Asia-Pacific Senior Intelligence Analysis Director of the Year Award.


Intelliwings is based in the Washington DC region and teams with an international network of industry partners to provide solution services and partnerships for global clients. By partnering with leading technology providers, Intelliwings enables clients to gain simplified and efficient access to expert business-to-business and business-to-customer product and solution providers to meet client and customer needs.


International Business Development

International Business Development

• Planning and sales engagement at trade shows and conferences
• Review of client business strategy proposals and marketing materials
• Business lead acquisition
• Research international trade shows and conferences for business development and sales return on investment potential
• Multicultural training and orientation for regional languages and customs
• Japanese, Arabic, and additional language translation services
• Social media engagement

B2B/B2C/B2G Services

B2B/B2C/B2G Services

• Teaming clients and partners with expert solution providers
• Business registration and regulatory compliance and certification
• SDVOSB-certified US government contracting
• Engagement with industry, government, and think tanks to identify global business opportunities

Technology Solution Services

Technology Solution Services

• Fornetix® VaultCore™ encryption key management cybersecurity
• Descartes Labs® imagery analysis and processing
• NTT Data® AW3D™ Global 3D high-resolution digital terrain and urban mapping
• Synspective® synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite imaging and reconnaissance
• Ultra-long duration aerial drone security surveillance and telecommunications
• Bluefield® satellite-based methane emissions detection and monitoring
• Nozomi Networks® Industrial cybersecurity monitoring
• Additional custom technology solutions as requested

Main Clients

NTT Data, Synspective, Fornetix, BAE, Descartes Labs, Bluefield, Consultium (UAE), MultiLinks (UAE), Oohashi

(English) Intelliwings

(English) HQ Location (English) Arlington, Virginia
(English) Overseas Offices (English) None
(English) Year of Establishment (English) 2015
(English) Main Products (English) International Business Development B2B/B2C/B2G Technology Solutions, Imagery Production and Analysis, Fornetix® VaultCore™ Encryption Key Management Satellite Communication and Control Network Cybersecurity, SDVOSB-Certified US Government Contracting
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(English) Point of Contact (English) Daniel Vasquez, CEO,