For over 60 years, Kyocera has continuously strived to develop innovative new solutions and apply technological expertise in advanced materials to create valuable products that facilitate human progress.

In its four primary markets – Information & Communications, Automotive, Environment & Energy, and Medical & Healthcare – Kyocera is committed to creating value that exceeds customer expectations. The Kyocera brand promises performance that amazes and delights in the areas of technological strength, superior quality, and reliability.

The Kyocera Group is comprised of 286 subsidiaries with a global workforce of over 76,000 employees. During the year ended March
2019, the company’s consolidated sales revenue totaled 1.62 trillion yen (approx. USD 14.6 billion).


Kyocera is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high precision, high quality ceramic components and products. Kyocera manufactures over 200 varieties of ceramic materials for a wide range of applications with cutting edge technology and services designed to meet each customer’s needs.

In the field of aerospace exploration, Kyocera has made numerous contributions through its superior quality materials, exemplified by the low thermal expansion ceramic material ‘Cordierite’ and components such as telescope mirrors, terminals for lithium-ion batteries, tank penetration flanges, and much more.


Low Thermal Expansion Cordierite

Low Thermal Expansion Cordierite
Superior mechanical strength enables lightweight mirrors with less deflection

Cordierite for Structural Parts

Cordierite for Structural Parts
With superior mechanical properties, Cordierite is suitable for structural parts

Cordierite Optical System

Cordierite Optical System
Low thermal expansion mirror and structural parts are both made from one material: Cordierite

SiC Mirror and Structural Parts

SiC Mirror and Structural Parts
Kyocera develops SiC mirrors and structural parts for use in outer space

Li Ion Battery Seal

Li Ion Battery Seal
Assembled metallization technology for ceramic and metal parts

Sapphire Monitoring Window

Sapphire Monitoring Window
Usable even in an ultra high strength vacuum

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